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ArenaOnline is La Fortuna and Arenal’s Official Travel Site. If you’re a prospective visitor, the site offers you an opportunity to explore all hotels, tours, hot springs located in Arenal Volcano and create a travel experience that’s perfect for you.

Are you planning to visit Costa Rica? There is an area that should be included in your “must-to-do” list. Arenal Volcano area is endowed with several attractions that captivate thousands of visitors yearly.

The main attraction is a stratovolcano called “Arenal”, which rises its stunning perfect conical shape in the air about 1670 meters (some 5479 feet) above see level. Surrounded by a gorgeous Tropical Rain Forest extended along sidehills that enhance its natural beauty, contrasting the conical shape, with those green gaps used for cattle on the base of the Volcano.

However, this area has much more to show. One of the most characteristic attractions related to the geothermal activity, beneath Arenal Volcano, are the hot springs. Those natural heated waters would be a great help to relax after an exhausting day. There are many options from where to choose, according to the tourist needs, preferences and, of course, budget.

On the other hand, it is necessary to refer to La Fortuna a charming, peaceful and safe village. It is the seventh district of the city of San Carlos; and the gateway to the magnificent Arenal Volcano. La Fortuna offers all basic services, including healthcare centers, banks, post office, among others. We invite you to walk around the central park in order to realize about the amazing panoramic view that this town owns.

Besides, when wondering what to do in La Fortuna, remember that this little town is glad to provide within your grasp accommodations, hotels and resorts that best suit your budget; as well as a natural breathtaking attractions such as La Fortuna’s Waterfall and Cerro Chato (literally translated as Chato hill).

This majestic waterfall, surrounded with tropical flora and fuana offers the tourist a sublime and impressive experience. When getting to the bottom, the visitor will see the waterfall emerging from the dense tropical forest and descending in a 65 meters (200 feet) fall, into an emerald pool.

However, if you are seeking adventure and prefer hiking, Cerro Chato is the best option for you. The Chato mountain flanks the southeast side of the volcano, and it is considered a dormant volcano. Its green lagoon, in the top of the two hours climbing walk, will amaze you hand in hand with the Arenal Volcano sight.

So what are your waiting for? Arenalonline.com team is waiting for your visit, we will be glad to help you to schedule those perfect vacation that you deserve. Our working group has been working since 2005; offering more than 30 activities and over 35 different hotel options within his grasp. Our main goal is to provide you unforgetable vacation by suggesting places and activities to take and do, according to your budget, need and for sure our experts’ opinions”.